Our Adoption Process

Safety for you and your new family member is paramount.

We work very hard to place our fabulous cats and kittens into great homes. We want them to get the most love and the best possible care from their new families. If you’re interested in adopting, please either

An appointment is necessary since we do not have any paid employees and we do not want to miss you.  An application will be provided to you at the time of adoption or you can download our adoption application. The adoption coordinator will go over the application with you and if approved you will be able to take your new addition home with you.

The normal adoption donation is $125.00 (domestic short hair). The donation fee includes a series of three boosters, testing for feline aids (FIV), leukemia and heartworm, topical treatment for flea/tick, worming, nail clipping and ear cleaning.  An additional fee of $75.00 is due at the time of spay/neuter (if not done prior to adoption) and includes a one-year rabies vaccine.  Cats Bridge to Rescue does not perform surgery at the rescue.

Once approved, please come to the facility with these things:

  • A carrier
  • Blanket or towel inside (in case your new baby has an accident on the way home)
  • Any supporting paperwork requested by the adoption counselor (if applicable)
  • Your adoption fee ($125)
  • LOTS of love!

We will have you complete our adoption contract while we do a quick checkup on the kitty; cut nails, booster shots, clean ears, apply topical flea treatment and deworm, if necessary. Then you’re on your way!

We are available for any and all questions, should you have any, once you get your kitty home. We also stand by our commitment – if for any reason, regardless of elapsed time since adoption, you find that it just not working out (and we’re not being pessimists, we just know kitties!) we will take him/her back, no questions asked. Since we give these babies so much love, we want to know that their safe and comfortable for their entire lives.

Visit our Petfinder.com page to view our available cats and kittens