Clink was brought to our rescue as a baby.  He was surrendered with a very severe eye infection in both eyes. He was very lucky to be brought to CATS Bridge because we are truly a “no kill rescue.”  Some organizations claim they are “no kill” and state  they do not euthanize “healthy” animals. 

However, if you read between the lines, what that may mean is that if the animal is brought in and is deemed “ill” there is a good chance they may be euthanized.

Clink was loved and cared for by all the volunteers and given wonderful medical care.  Although we were able to save one of Clink’s eyes, the vet deemed he would have to lose the other.

We were all very sad, but Clink did not and does not waste time feeling sorry for himself.

The most heart warming part of Clink’s story is where the best in “human nature” came into play.

The students at the Watson T. Comly School heard of Clink’s plight and understood the importance of Clink receiving his much needed eye surgery.

The students have a monthly “dress down” day and they choose a charity to donate the monies raised. The students decided to choose CATS Bridge to Rescue “-Clinks Cause” for their monthly donation.

The students donated $2.00 each to be able to participate in “dress down” day and the monies collected were enough to pay for Clink’s eye surgery. Isn’t that just wonderful!!

Because of these students, Clink had successful eye surgery and is finally ready to be adopted!!

Click has been adopted!

Here he is checking in from his forever home.