Our Mission


C.A.T.S. Bridge to Rescue is a non-profit non-kill organization that is dedicated to caring for the abandoned, the sick and the unwanted cats and kittens in our communities through adoptions, community awareness and fostering.

We have a rescue building as well as a foster care program which are both run solely by loving volunteers.

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Our volunteers generously donate their time, homes and hearts in order to provide comfort and care for our orphans until loving permanent homes are found. We have no paid employees and therefore rely solely on our volunteers

Our mission is to help stop overpopulation by providing a low cost spay/neuter program as well as educational information of the importance of sterilization and responsible pet ownership. We believe that every animal that is brought to us deserves a chance at life and finding a home to call its own.

Through our adoption program we are doing just that.  We believe that with education and responsible pet ownership we can help stop the overpopulation problem that is currently facing us today.